Discount Contemporary Furniture

When talking about contemporary furniture, most people assume it must be as expensive as be out of the reach of everyone but the wealthiest. Well, believe it or not, that is absolutely not the case. True, there may be a few collections or individual pieces, mostly imported, that are likely to burn a hole in […]

About Rattan, Wicker and Cane

Rattan, or rattan core, is among the oldest natural furniture material in use today. Rattan vines are different from bamboo, because it is a solid timber, whereas bamboo is hollow. Rattan is a relative of the tropical palm trees which grow mainly in the rain forests of Sri Lanka, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. This […]

The Indian Furniture Industry

Characteristics of the Indian furniture Industry An overview The Industry is a large unorganized one that is large spread through India. The main manufacturing center for the product is in Jodhpur Rajasthan, also a famous tourist destination. Although found in various places, the unorganized sector is large spread out & operates as a still functions […]

Bamboo Furniture – Is it For You?

The thought of bamboo furniture conjures up images of beach houses and squeaky chairs for most people, does it for you? Do not worry, you are not alone in that thought, but with the popularity of bamboo as a commercial and industrial product, the bamboo furniture of yore is slowly becoming more fashionable and comfortable. […]

How To Find Rattan Furniture Wholesalers

Rattan furniture has become incredibly popular over the years, though it has always been a favorite of many. Knowing where to find wholesalers who can provide your business with this type of furniture is important for many reasons, so you will want to take your time in finding one that you can trust. There are […]

Rattan Outdoor Furniture: Why Get the Synthetic Type?

Rattan outdoor furniture is one of the most elegant and stylish types of furniture you can use to enhance your home and backyard. But have you thought about the difference between rattan furniture designed for indoors and rattan furniture designed for outdoors, what made them different and how they are similar to each other? The […]