How Amish Furniture Reaches You

Amish furniture is, by definition, exclusive, individually hand crafted and high quality furniture. Amish made furniture is not the assembly line kind of furniture where a hundred identical and generic pieces are made, with scant regard for individuality or uniqueness and quality of craftsmanship and where you can’t tell one piece apart from the other. The Amish are by nature a reclusive community who are not oriented toward main stream profit making. They do not employ modern methods of communication for running their enterprises and they limit the amount of contact with the outside world to that which is immediately necessary. Most households do not even have a TV or a telephone. Amish made furniture is also therefore reliant on old fashioned methods of manufacture that place more reliance upon manual labor and less upon automated processes and aids.

In view of these traditional Amish beliefs, practices and their way of life, it becomes difficult for the Amish to establish links with the business community and market at large. Commercial contact which is a prerequisite for any commercial business to be operational is virtually nonexistent. So then how is it that we see so many online sites that promise to sell you authentic, original Amish made furniture and moreover wholesale Amish furniture that is made in the genuine Amish furniture making tradition? Well since the Amish beliefs preclude the running of websites, so it is usually non-Amish people who run the websites and oversee the commercial aspects or the actual business of selling the furniture online to the public at large. The retailer will then typically become the middleman that forms the connection between the old fashioned furniture craftsman and the modern buyer.

Amish made furniture is sometimes displayed at expos held in states such as Ohio and Indiana which is where the retailers or middlemen may come into contact with the Amish craftsmen and form a business relationship. These middlemen thereafter facilitate the buying from the Amish and the selling to the mainstream consumer. This is the reason that people living in far flung states where there are no Amish communities can now take the advantage of purchasing Amish furniture online; sometimes even Amish wholesale furniture. Because of the middleman or retailer, Amish made furniture has become accessible to a far wider consumer base, since people can order online and have individual pieces shipped to their doorstep!

Many websites offer Amish furniture at wholesale prices as well, which may typically be lower than retail prices. On the other hand some sellers deal only in wholesale furniture that sell only to dealers. They do not sell directly to the public. They do however assist in location of a dealer so that an interested buyer can most easily locate a convenient dealer to purchase from.

Modern technology has therefore been able to create a bridge between the old fashioned rural communities of the Amish people and the beautiful wood furniture that they create and people who have now become habituated to making purchases with the ease and convenience that online purchasing offers.