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Natural Rattan

Bienvenidos to, we are big exporter and manufacturer of natural rattan furniture and other natural fibers: water hyacinth, seagrass, kubu gray, banana leaf, abaca and croco that is located in Central Java, Indonesia. We have established since 1993 and continuously growing until this moment with more than 6 factories with different speciality. Due to […]

Indonesia Leather Teak Furniture

Welcome to Indonesia Leather Teak Furniture, the right place for qualified and absolutely updated product with 19 years reputation. As one of leather teak furniture manufacturer dan exporter leader in Indonesia, we will provide trully satisfaction for each business and product you require. The expertise of our managerial team and workmanship – both handmade and machine production process – […]

Garden Teak Furniture Manufacture

Welcome to Wisanka modern Garden furniture manufacture We are welcoming you to explore our website, one of Wisanka’s division which especially manufactures Garden Furniture. Our garden-teak division is focusing on making furniture for Garden use only. I believe that you may also well known that Wisanka is Furniture Manufacturer that have already founded since 1993, 24 […]

Indonesia Modern Outdoor Furniture

Providing a useful function, furniture has the ability to show the style and the character of the owner. Modern furniture with design simple and minimalize could be your option to refresh your outdoor area. These varying aesthetics’as well as a focus on sustainability and experimentation with new materials and technologies during the design and manufacturing process–perfectly […]