Cirebon Rattan Furniture

Cirebon Rattan Furniture

What is Cirebon Rattan

We supplied you with design of your choice to provide maximum comfort and enjoyment. It is better to choose a pattern you know you can live with for many years. Select the colors, prints and designs that fit your taste and personality and make sure that the cushions are fire retardant. With regards to foam cushion material, choose those with high resilience, density and indentation load deflection rating. Ask guidance from the dealer.

With respect to Cirebon Rattan decor and accessories, you can order wicker baskets, benches, chests and drawers, dividers and partitions, hampers, lamps, magazine racks, mirrors, ottomans, serving carts, shelves, coffee tables, planters, wine racks, umbrella racks , vases, etc. As you can see, your choice is endless when you plan to redecorate your home or office with rattan furniture Choose a reliable manufacturer with factory priced exceptional quality rattan furniture, with lots of innovative and creative designs and can deliver promptly!

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Cirebon Rattan
Jl. Kisabalanang No. 46, Desa Kertasari, Weru, Cirebon 45154, West Java, Indonesia.

Tel. +62 231 325 450 | Fax. +62 231 321 946

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