How to Clean Patio Furniture in Four Easy Steps

With summer around the corner its the best time to get the patio furniture out in the open for some BBQ and spending warm evenings with the family in the sun. Your home and garden furniture is a representation of you and it is a good idea to keep them looking at their best. For some this can be a tough job, while others are in their element cleaning and tending to gardens and outdoors furniture.

If you are among the former, you can hire a professional cleaning service which can take care of all your patio furniture cleaning needs. However, care must be taken to hire the best service that you can afford at the time of this undertaking. You are faced with a decision to find a trustworthy service that is able to do an excellent job for a reasonable, affordable price.

Before hiring a service ask your friends and neighbours who may have had previous experience with hiring a professional cleaning company. This will give you a head start on short-listing companies who can be trusted and provide an excellent service. This will also give you a reference to use with the company when you decide to hire them and you maybe able to get some discounts.

If you chose to clean you patio furniture yourself here are a few things which can help you accomplish the task quicker.

1. Inventory your furniture. It is a good idea to inventory your furniture before buying any tools or utensils to clean your furniture. You may want to make a list of the type and kind of furniture you have to ensure you can buy the right materials to clean them. If it is polyurethane or plastic furniture you may only need a fraction of cleaning utensils that you may need for patio metal furniture or outdoor cast furniture.

2. Collect your tools and equipment. Before you go out cleaning your patio furniture, make a list of tolls and utensils you may need to clean it. If it is polyurethane furniture or plastic furniture, some cleaning detergent, cloth wipes and gardening hose maybe enough. For wood furniture, you may need additional varnish to polish off worn off parts. For patio metal furniture you may also needs vinegar, anti-rust / corrosion sprays, sand paper and some rust resistant paint.

3. Allocate time Jumping head first into cleaning patio furniture is usually exciting but if left unfinished it can make a bigger mess than when you started. So before you go pulling all the furniture out to clean you may want to assign a specific amount of time to this task. This will enable you to work on a deadline and finish it, and it will also allow you to take the time off from your other responsibilities to dedicate some time to enhancing your garden.

4. Have fun The last thing for you to do is; have fun. Cleaning patio furniture can be a daunting task if you let it, and will be a fun afternoon if you make it. The more fun you make this the easier it is going to be. Maybe even ask a few friends to come over help you clean, have a small bar-be-queue afternoon cleaning patio furniture with your friends and family, and spend a fun-filled afternoon with your loved ones.