How To Look For Antique Wicker Furniture

Many furniture pieces have gained its quality and value over time. Such furniture pieces have become collectible items for home furnishings because of its condition, age, and rarity. The technical term used in describing this type of set pieces is antique furniture.

In the early civilizations, furniture pieces function as storage, drawers, and shelves. The types of furniture then were very primitive and practical. Thus designs of earlier pieces manifest simplicity and functionality. However, in the latter years, the demand for more customized and artistic designs for furniture grew. This was then the start of modern sophisticated furniture designs.
Today, there are many amazing furniture pieces made out of various materials.

Although the most common material for antique furniture is hardwood, there are also other antique furniture materials such as metal and rattan, and reed. Rattan and reed are some of the materials used in making wicker furniture. Antique furniture pieces are usually made from rattan, reed or paper fiber woven together and mounted on hardwood frames. In looking for antique rattan furniture, there are a number of important factors to consider.

First and foremost, you should have a keen eye for details. It should be noted that not everything that looks old is antique. Although wicker furniture is one of the earliest types of furniture made from natural materials, there are also many modern rattan furniture that are designed primitively to project an aura of antiquity. As such, you should be able to determine a real antique cane furniture from reproductions.

Another factor to consider is the origin of the wicker furniture. According to history, Ancient Egypt was among the first civilizations to use wicker products. In fact, the basket that was used to hold baby Moses in one of the Bible stories, was made of wicker. Therefore, in looking for antique wicker, find out where the wicker is originally from and the era or time period in which it was actually manufactured. The earliest wicker furniture dates as far as 3000 BC.

Another important factor to consider is the condition of the furniture. While many antique furniture pieces are maintained and refurbished, the natural appearance of wicker should still be significantly evident. There are specific ways of maintaining antique furniture such that it would not lose its antiquity and original properties.

In looking for antique wicker furniture, it is advisable to seek for reliable antique dealers that have a proven track record, most especially if it is your first time to purchase antique furniture. Although these important factors can guide you in looking for antique wicker furniture, it is still essential to seek for the advice of experts. There are many antique furniture shops that are found online which are selling antique wicker furniture. Before purchasing anything though, make sure that the dealer is trustworthy and their products authentic.