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Rattan Furniture

In recent years, Rattan furniture has become increasingly popular. It is a style that will compliment any room at a price that anyone can afford. Rattan furniture is extremely durable. When it is taken care of properly, it can last up to fifty years. It beats out any other type of furniture including leather or […]

Smart Choice For Furniture

Wood is one of the natural sources from tree. There are various kinds of wood, one of that is mahogany. Mahogany also has three different types which are swietenia mahogany, swietenia humilus, swietenia macrophylla. Mahogany wood has rich colored material, because of its characteristic, mahogany wood become the one valuable ones in the world than […]

The Art of Making Wooden Roses

If you have an eye for floral gift items, you are among the new age shoppers who can appreciate bouquets, baskets or corsages made of wooden roses. But making one such decor is not everyone’s cup of tea. Wooden roses are usually made by wood carvers. In business terms, they are special type of wood […]