Wholesale Living Room Furniture

A living room is often the soul of a person’s home. It reflects the person’s taste and aesthetic sense. A lot of forethought goes into deciding on the perfect living room furniture. Many people buy living room furniture directly from a wholesaler, as it works out cheaper than to purchase from a retailer. Usually, a […]

Square Reclaimed Teak Furniture Manufacture

Indonesia Reclaimed Teak

Welcome to Indonesia reclaimed teak furniture! The right place where you can find wide range of reclaimed teak furniture including boat wood furniture, rustic wood furniture and recycle furniture for your shopper. Reclaimed teak is a type of teak wood that have undergone in naturally drying over time long enough to decades. The main idea […]

The Teak Drying Process For Garden Furniture

Moisture levels in Teak dictate the longevity of the final product. Moisture content levels are gauged using a Moisture Meter. Properly treated Teak is essential to the longevity of your Wooden Garden Furniture and an expensive process if done correctly. Buying A Grade Teak and then not drying it properly will cost you in the […]

Mid Century Modern Furniture Done Properly

If you anxiously await the arrival of the next IKEA catalog, then you can understand the dilemma it brings with all the cute, and ‘affordable’ furniture that they have to offer. Then comes the beauty of attempting to assemble these over complicated and so called simple directions, with products made of particle wood and less […]

Indian Furniture

There is nothing quite like real wood furniture, especially if it has been hand crafted, and is a real work of art, like the rustic furniture made in India. This ethnic furniture not only takes pride of place in India, but worldwide. Whether you are looking for dining room furniture, Indian sofas, rattan or wicker […]

Benefits Of Purchasing Rattan Furniture

There are multiple benefits to buying rattan furniture, which is why so many people are choosing to put these pieces in their homes. You will find that out of all the different natural materials used to make furniture, this type is by far the strongest. Rattan wicker is used to make everything chairs and sofas […]

How To Make The Most Of Your Garden With Rattan Furniture

Any keen gardener will tell you that while traditional wooden garden furniture looks great it has a fundamental flaw. No matter how much you polish and care for it – traditional garden furniture will always rot with natural weathering. Experienced gardeners have started to overcome this problem through the clever use of Rattan garden furniture […]