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What Is Indonesian Teak Furniture?

Considered ideal for an outdoor setting, the Indonesian Teak Furniture is very durable. Furniture manufacturers often treat other woods like American Cherry and Japanese Oak with teak oil, as these woods are not resilient in the outdoors. However, this treated wood may become vulnerable once the oil dries up. As it is in high order […]

Indian Furniture Exporters: Going Strong in the International Market

The Indian furniture exporter are making huge profits in their business owing to the increasing demands of Indian hand crafted wooden furniture in the global markets. The furniture exporters of the country are heading towards a brighter future with enormous export orders of ethnic Indian furnishings made with contemporary designs and exclusive woods like Sheesham, […]

Characteristics of Gothic Furniture

Gothic furniture is a very beautiful, unique type of artwork that exemplifies Gothic architecture at its best. This style is also known as the French style of architecture. Some characteristic features of this bold architectural style are the use of heavy, dark woods, flying buttresses, pointed arches, and ribbed vaults. These elemental designs are also […]

Wholesale Contemporary Furniture

There are furniture companies who specialize in the importing and wholesale distribution of contemporary furniture. These companies work by importing or buying furniture from manufacturers at bulk rates and distributing them to retailers. However, wholesale contemporary furniture does not necessarily mean that these stores sell only to retailers. Their products are available to the buying […]

Where to Find Wholesale Furniture

The idea of ​​shopping for wholesale furniture conjures up images of trekking through dimly lit warehouses, picking through leftovers and damaged or discontinued pieces. Better bringing your patience and wear comfortable shoes! The truth is that shopping at wholesale furniture dealers can be that kind of adventure … or it can be as comfortable as […]