Wicker Bedroom Furniture

Wicker bedroom furniture pieces are created by covering a solid frame by woven rattan, bamboo, cane or synthetic resin. These include furniture pieces such as beds, dressers, chests, night stands, wardrobes and mirrors that are suitable and functional for the bedroom.

In addition to large bedroom furniture pieces, wicker is also used to create objects such as lampshades, chests, hampers, planters, baby bassinets and carriages, which are used as decorative pieces in a bedroom. Bedroom wicker or rattan furniture possesses the inherent ability to harmonize or adapt to any d├ęcor and tapestry.

Wicker bedroom furniture is available in both loom woven wicker and synthetic wicker. Natural loom woven furniture with a solid aluminum, hardwood or steel frame is preferred because of its intricate and delicate exterior finish and strong internal frame. Another reason for the gaining popularity of wicker bedroom furniture is that it is less expensive than teak wood or wrought iron furniture.

While choosing wicker furniture, it is important to choose a woven material that is dense. Light wicker is often unsteady and unreliable. It is also important to find furniture that is built on a rattan or hardwood frame. Good quality wicker will not crack or peel, but cheaper versions tend to split.

Maintenance of bedroom wicker furniture is also very important. The furniture pieces need to dusted and vacuumed regularly. Paint and varnish protect the finish of the furniture and prolong its life.

Bedroom wicker furniture should be prevented from coming into contact with water. It should be treated immediately when it gets wet. However, over-drying of wicker results in cracking or peeling, due to the dry indoor heat. To avoid this, the furniture pieces should be cleaned with a damp cloth to restore their minimum moisture levels.

With this basic maintenance, bedroom wicker furniture can last for years to come.