15 Solutions for Arranging Household Furniture for Limited Space

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Nowadays, Furniture for Limited Space is most important issue. Most of the dwellings, especially in big cities, are smaller and increasingly limited. This often creates problems because there is not enough space for many needs. But you can work around this by using smart solutions that are practical and functional. Such as making use of multifunctional household furniture that can make your life much easier.

Household furniture that has several functions at once can help you save space. Because it can accommodate several activities at once. Most of the multifunctional household furniture has a simple and minimalist design to make it suitable in small room.

There are many home furniture that are sell online and you can find at low prices online today. But so you can choose the right home furniture.

1. Furniture Comfortable sofa with various functions

Sofa can quickly and easily be transformed into a spacious and comfortable bed by removing the back pillow. Pulling out the frame at the bottom and you can turn your living room into a bedroom in no time. This household furniture is suitable for those of you who have a house with a limited size.

Has storage space at the bottom of the chaise lounge which is easily accessible. This household furniture has a cover that is equipment with a safe which keeps open. So you can safely and easily place and retrieve things. Sofa’s storage space is spacious enough for sheets, quilts, pillows, other bedding. Even a collection of selected books to accompany guests who stay.

Household furniture is create of cotton and polyester which is hard to wear, and feels so soft against the skin. The cover is easy to keep clean as you can remove it and machine wash it whenever you want.


2. Storage as you wish

Storage combination is a great way to organize your important items in your home neatly and still look modern. This storage has grown to become a versatile solution for your living room, and can also be used in all other rooms in the house of course. By utilizing the vertical wall as additional storage, this household furniture solution is suitable for narrow spaces.

Designing household furniture solutions in terms of storage by adjusting your needs can make your family room a fun entertainment area at home. This storage provides the space needed by TVs, game consoles, and other equipment, such as remote controls, cables, and various gadgets. Also add storage to display your favorite collections, such as books, souvenirs, and glass decorations. You can even add a lamp at the top of the wardrobe to make your collection even more beautiful.

You can freely customize the design according to your wishes and tastes, with a large selection of frame and door panel colors. You can also choose the type of storage you prefer, open or closed. Hide items you don’t want to see with the help of household furniture, and display your favorite items in one awesome combination!


3. Household furniture that divides the multipurpose room

If you have a limited space and want to block it without making it look cramped, this household furniture shelf unit is perfect for you. Shelving units can be placed against the wall or insulating a room, vertically or horizontally – depending on your taste, space, budget and needs. This shelf unit can be seen from all sides very well when you make it a room divider.

With a simple yet versatile design, this household furniture shelf unit can change your entire room. Available in several sizes and colors, it also fits perfectly with your choice of drawers, shelves, boxes and inserts to add functionality to suit all your storage needs.


4. Furniture practical bunk table

Flat table for the family room can be used according to your needs as furniture for limited space, which can be used as three coffee tables arranged together or as a guest table and side table. When these desks are stacked together, the smallest table has a higher edge that can be hidden storage for remote controls, magazines, or other small objects, but of course it is easy to reach with the help of this household furniture.

Its simple but stylish design and neutral colors make this household furniture suitable to be placed anywhere so that it is easy to use for various needs and can be combined with other furniture. It is create using a material that is easy to clean and is durable as it is create of powder-coated steel.


5. Coffee table furniture with additional storage

Guest table has its own uniqueness with a storage area under the table that can be used to store whatever you want, such as a small blanket, sofa cushions, newspapers, magazines, or objects related to your fun hobby. When this household furniture is empty because it is not being used, the uniqueness of the design stands out and can give a roomy impression. It is suitable for those of you who have a limited size room. This table is also easy to lift and move at your convenience.

6. Not just a cushion

This eco-friendly sitting pillow create of banana fiber, you can use as an additional seating area for your guests. Stack these two household furniture pillows at once so that the height will resemble a floor bench. You can also use this sitting pillow as a place to relax by adding a soft sofa pillow to support your head.

Sitting pillow can also be used as a small multipurpose table, be it a side table or as an additional table when your guest table is full. The size of this home furniture is just right for placing trays of whatever you want.


7. Coffee table with practical tray

you can use this tray table as a coffee table or a side table. This household furniture is designed with a simple appearance, light weight and easy to move. It is suitable for small houses that require minimalist furniture. It has a unique design because the table top has a dual function, useful for serving food.


8. Sturdy wall clock that is functional

This large, sturdy-looking wall clock doubles as a storage shelf. This home furniture has a simple design and color, but has a standout and eye-catching appearance. The shelf is very practical as a storage solution for displaying your book collection to your various displays.


9. Flexible beds for various needs

Bed is means for those of you who are active because this household furniture has many functions as furniture for limited space. When stacked together, these 2 beds can become a single bed as well as a sofa. If not stack, you will have a double bed and use that as a spare bed for in-house guests. Or a corner sofa when placed at the end of your room. Then if you need space next to the bed to do other activities, like yoga, just pile it back on. Very easy and practical. This stacked bed stands firmly on a balance because it has small plastic feet that fit into a hole at the bottom.

Made of uncoated pine wood, which is an environmentally friendly material with a natural appearance that makes each of these household furniture look unique. You can make it look more personal by getting creative with paint – it will also make the surface more durable.

10. A bed that accommodates all activities

This is the best solution for those of you who have a limited sized bedroom but have a variety of activities. High beds are perfect when you want to combine several functions of household furniture at once in a small space. The height of the bed creates space underneath, you can use this for a study table, a sitting and playing area or a wardrobe. Take advantage of all sides of the wall vertically and horizontally by adding shelves for various needs. Getting up and down the bed is very easy because the stairs are located on the middle side.


11. Folding table to maximize space

Smart folding table is perfect for small houses because this furniture for limited space is carefully to save space. The leaves fold and open easily, making it possible to adjust the table size according to the number of people. Two or Four people can use this kind of furniture. Its relatively small and slim size makes it easy to place various objects on it, even though space is limit.

Folding table is equipped with several drawers at the bottom for storing cutlery, napkins, candles, and other eating necessities. With a Scandinavian design look and woodwork, this household furniture has been tested to Indonesia Furniture standards for stability, durability and safety for everyday use in your home for many years.

12. Trolley to facilitate kitchen activities

Kitchen trolley can provide additional work space and storage for your convenience in your activities in the kitchen. This household furniture top provides you with a free workspace due to its large surface area with durable materials and easy maintenance.

The bottom consists of 2 drawers and an open storage area with room for 9 bottles on each shelf. You can store all your utensils, jars of cooking spices, and so on. You can also quickly see and access what is inside, as the drawer can be pulled out easily from either side.

13. Smart shelf unit for a tiny kitchen

Shelving units are an easy solution if you don’t have much space because the table can be fold and is suitable as a dining table or table.

15. Combination storage according to children’s needs

Storage combination is create to fit all your child’s activities and needs, by adjusting the child’s height and motor skills as it allows the child to reach, organize and return his own clothes and toys.

This home furniture has a wardrobe deep enough to accommodate large hangers. You can make this interior furniture and move this as the child’s needs. The large box section has plenty of room for storing various bulky toys, and is perfect for tidying up in a flash.

You can put cushion at the top and can be a sitting area. Open shelves are great for storing books and toy collections. Or you can also use this to display your child’s art and crafts as furniture for limited space. The doors have soft closing hinges that allow the doors to close softly and gently. Make this household furniture more personal by adjusting your child’s personality by combining several door and drawer fronts that have various color choices. This storage combination stands steady on even uneven floors because the legs are adjustable.