The Advent of the Furniture Industry in Malaysia

The furniture industry in Malaysia has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last decade. Malaysia is known all over south East Asia for its quality of timber and art work wood carvings. Malaysia is also a major supplier of wood to many countries like China, Japan, Australia and Taiwan. The Malaysian wood furniture is gaining surging popularity due to its competitive price, great quality, excellent designs and the support that the industry is receiving from the national government of Malaysia.

The Rubber-wood from Malaysia

Malaysia using the Rubber-wood for making furniture, doing moldings and making joinery products and equipments. The Malaysian Furniture industry is flourishing continuously due to the increasing funds from the government.

Here the key factors that have led to the development of the furniture industry in Malaysia:
  • Availability of modern equipments is in plenty
  • Excellent quality of raw timber is available.
  • Malaysia is favorably location geographically on the map, so the export businesses can gain profits in large amounts.
  • High encouragement for the teak industry from the government.

Some of the famous woods from Malaysia apart from the Rubber-wood include the timber types such as Burmese Teak, Burmese Ironwood, Walnut timber and Kempis. All these varieties of woods have their own special characteristics and are highly in demand for their uses in the Asian countries.

The Malaysian furniture industry can be sub-divided into the following categories:
  1. Sawn timber industry: This industry is mostly dealing in bulk and forms a large part of the exports revenue.
  2. Veneer laminates and panel products consist of the ply works and reconstituted wood furniture and panels. We can use this for making light weight domestic furniture targeted at the middle class communities of Asia.
  3. Moldings Industry and the joinery works: This segment deals with the large amounts of production of doors, windows and similar components. It is also significantly have connection with the export market through Malaysia.
  4. Furniture components for housing needs. This category does not account much for the exports.

Local businessmen owning  most of the production houses in Malaysia and the medium corporations and small companies owning the estimations suggest that about 75% of the wood work industry. Sarawak and Sabah is favorit location for industry. The mills in these regions large utilize the Rubber-wood for manufacturing products where the other brands of wood have processing here and then sent for the exports to other countries.