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How to Buy Used Furniture the Smart Way

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Knowing how to buy used furniture spells the difference between having a cheap product that falls apart the first time you’ve used it or a cheap furniture that you can still enjoy for a long time without refinishing it. Another reason is that when you know how to buy used furniture, you will be able […]

Tips Memilih Furniture yang Tepat bagi Rumah Anda

Indonesia Outdoor Furniture

Tanpa kehadiran furniture, sebuah ruang hanya akan tampak kosong, sunyi, dan tentu saja: tidak estetis. Apalagi, keberadaan furnitur dinilai amat penting, mengingat masing-masing benda jelas punya fungsi yang berbeda. Bahkan meski sama-sama berpredikat ‘meja’, meja rias dan coffee table memiliki fungsi yang sama sekali tidak sama. Hal yang sama juga berlaku terhadap rumah. Tidak peduli […]

How To Find The Best Furniture Repair Services

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At some point, your furniture may require some sort of repair to revive it. Damages are sometimes inevitable since you might not be the only person handling your furniture pieces. Situations can also arise which leave the items broken or damaged in a way requiring repairs. Repairs are more affordable compared to replacements and you […]

Modern Design and Contemporary Furniture Sets


People use the words modern design usually when they talk about a placement of furniture which leaves the decorated rooms feel open and spacey. This means that not only the actual room has to be big but there can not be many furniture. and they are not close together. Normally the design of the contemporary […]

Choosing Patio Furniture For Your Backyard

Square Reclaimed Teak Furniture Manufacture

Are you trying to decide what type of furniture to buy for your new backyard? It can be overwhelmingly difficult to make a decision because there are so many different types. You want your new patio furniture not only to look beautiful but you also want it to last for a long time. The first […]

Rattan Patio Furniture

Synthetic Rattan Furniture, Furniture Indonesia Export Synthetic

You may have seen a new trend in patio furniture that has become very popular in the last few years. The pieces look much more similar to indoor wicker furniture that can be used both indoors and out with sofas, dining sets and all kinds available. The material that is used to make this new […]

A Little History on Stressless Furniture


Sometime in 1971 Stressless furniture introduced the first recliner that was designed to meet your body’s needs in the way of support and movement when listed. It became an international success from it’s characteristics, as the recliner was a revolution for Stressless furniture in comfort and functionality. Due to two patented features this recliner is […]

Dining Room Furniture


The bare necessity of eating has transformed into an art, an experience, a style and a definite way of living. Family rooms with the family eating in the kitchen have long become passé, and the eating space is redefined as the dining room. A dining room is not just a place for the family to […]

Furniture Store and Furniture Market

Reclaimed Teak Furniture Indonesia

A piece of furniture does not just serve a functional purpose. The furniture industry has risen to this demand. It has gone a step further in providing a plethora of design and style options. Furniture Store and Furniture Market Furniture stores of all possible kinds swarm the furniture market. Retail furniture stores, lifestyles stores, exclusive […]

Rattan Furniture Will Substitute Wood Furniture

Rattan technology became an industry since evening of last century, and developed fast in occident. It upsets conventional furnishings and other material technological products. It is a main artery product of Hesperian market. In early 21st, the tide is beginning to sweep China, look through the lots of furnishings markets, rattan product is holding more […]