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Dining Room Furniture

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The bare necessity of eating has transformed into an art, an experience, a style and a definite way of living. Family rooms with the family eating in the kitchen have long become passé, and the eating space is redefined as the dining room. A dining room is not just a place for the family to congregate to eat, but also to entertain, and throw formal dinner parties. Dining room furniture has thus acquired a multifunctional character, and come in numerous styles, ranges and quality levels to accommodate and reflect an individual’s taste, needs, and style.

Dining room furniture generally assembles a table, chairs, china cabinet / hutch, buffet and sideboard. A table is usually rectangular, to complement the room’s shape, but also comes in square, oval or round shapes. A four-legged table is a sturdy option. Sometimes there can be one or two center legs with side supports. With children or older around, a round or oval table is a wiser option. The rounded edges ensure that additional chairs can be placed flexibly, and is best suited for homes where space is a constraint. Tables can be four, six or eight seaters.

To accommodate more people, tables can be rolled apart at the center, and a leaf is inserted in between when required. Tables come in different styles, from Victorian to Italian, rustic to modern, and chic to contemporary. Tabletops can be marble, glass, wood or other materials. Chairs, too, can be bought as a set, or mixed, matched and coordinated Dining chairs can come with rattan seats, upholstered in leather, fabric or rich tapestries. The range of styles, designs and materials is unlimited.

China cabinets can be aesthetic, with built-in lights to display attractive cutlery and dishware, or purely functional and used for storage. Sideboards can provide additional serving and storage space.

Without compromising on quality and durability, there are a few other considerations that have to be evaluated while looking for dining room furniture, including the kind of style, look, and material desired, dining room space and budget constraints. Both up-market as well as affordable options are available. One can also try many online options as well An individual can choose the desired styles and types without leaving home. Most sites provide free shipping and online room planner store locators where one can see and get a feel of the furniture.