Indonesia Green Furniture

As a “green minded” furniture manufacturer, our main vision is to optimize the usage of quality reclaimed lumber resources available in our region as our product main material. We also care in wood waste recycling which comes from wooden furniture production process. In addition we using metal material which will help us to reduce wood usage which is also mean will reduce wood logging.

When people see waste, we see potential of quality and artistic aspect on it which will be great as substitution against new cut of wood materials. With our experience over 2 decades in furniture business, we have big success in turn many waste material to a quality furniture for people and export them in bulk amount to many country in the world.

We notice that most of wood quality keep maintained even better over decades. Some of them may get eaten by bugs, but the one which have been made in quality and proper treatment will remain untouched by bugs and just have minor defect on it. Indeed in some circumstance at hundreeds of years, wood material can have better quality compared to most of new wood produced nowadays. It is because the wood get naturaly dried by the time, and the nature of wood is it will get highest quality at lowest moisture content.

However, the most important is that, it was created and selected by our ancestors, they were highly adhere to the quality and environment. We see and collecting for such quality materials for our products. In our region, we have plenty of quality reclaimed lumber and another wood waste.

Hence we believe that we can bring great furniture product to the people with lowest impact to the environment. We should care to the world since it is the place where we are living. While creating our product, we keep in our mind that “Creative must be not destructive in other hand”.

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