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What is Contract Furniture


When searching for furniture, you may have come across the term ‘contract furniture’. But what exactly is it, and how does it relate to furniture use and furniture design? The simplest definition of contract furniture is using furniture for commercial purposes. Typically, contract furniture is used by landlords and letting agents, university halls for student […]

Outdoor Furniture From Teak

Reclaimed Teak Furniture Indonesia

Outdoor furniture from teak ,  the Latin name for Teak is Tectona Grandis.  In Indonesia, where much of this lumber comes from, Jati.  Teak is a hardwood of the family Verbenaceae. Tectona Grandis is indigenous to India, Burma, Thailand, Indochina and Java Indonesia. It planting for timber or as an ornamental plant within its natural […]

You Can Not Absolutely Splinter-Proof Your Outdoor Furniture Projects

Indonesia Modern Outdoor Furniture

Splinters are the bane of outdoor furniture projects. Outdoor furniture is more likely to throw splinters than any other type of woodworking project because out in the weather where new checks and splits – the defects in wood that throw splinters – develop constantly. “splinter-proof” your outdoor furniture You can not absolutely “splinter-proof” your outdoor […]

Mahogany or Teak Wood

Tropical hardwoods like teak and mahogany are seen as the people choice for the market today. There are few distinction between the two that can be a consideration when people want to fill their home with wood kind furniture. The main are mentioned here – 1) Shade / Color – Teak has yellow honey shade […]

Interior Decorating Tips With Wall Mirrors

Perhaps one of the most common home furnishings, wall mirrors are a quick and affordable way to add a touch of elegance to any home. Since they come in all shapes and sizes, they can fit into virtually any open space you have on the wall. Foyers, hallways and bedrooms are perfect spots. Entrance ways […]

Rattan Furniture Is Environmentally Friendly

For centuries, rattan has proven to be one of the most durable and environmentally friendly plants used for making furniture and one of the most desired. Traced back in existence as far as 2500 B.C., this hardy and prolific wood can easily be used to create beautiful furniture pieces without depleting its availability. And because […]

Considering Wicker Furniture – Things to Consider When Buying Wicker Furniture

Wicker Furniture Styles Wicker is available in many styles and colors. You can also choose between natural wicker and resin wicker. Natural wicker is made from either rattan or bamboo and is more appealing because of its natural beauty, strength and flexibility. The only drawback is that it requires some cleaning and maintenance. If you […]

Resin Use With Outdoor Patio Furniture For Outdoor Wicker and More

Outdoor Resin Wicker Furniture Wicker furniture is among the most popular types of garden and patio furniture. “Wicker” actually refers to the way that the chair, recliner, table, or whatever item it is made – not the material used. The “wicker” is the weaving technique and styling used to create the effect that so many […]

Distributing Wicker Rattan Furniture

Are you a furniture dealer? Perhaps you may wish to consider distributing wicker rattan furniture. What are the advantages of selling rattan furniture? Is there money to be made? How do the margins look like? Let’s discuss these issues in this article. About rattan furniture. First, we should seek to have a better understanding of […]

Rattan and Wicker Furniture – What’s The Difference?

Have you ever wondered what the difference between rattan furniture and wicker furniture is? If you have, I can explain the differences and some of the common misconceptions about these wonderful natural furnishings. Many people incorrectly believe that rattan and wicker are one in the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, […]